Fundraisers Made Easy!

Tired of all the gimmick fundraisers? Candy, popcorn, pizza kits, fruit, cookies, and booster cards that only fit 12-16 businesses on it giving discounts (BTW, where is that card???).

What about the hassle of getting orders together, delivering the orders, collecting the money, or trying to collect the money?

Host a Fundraiser!

With 4TheLocal & 4TheLocalSchools, your fundraiser sells our digital IDs that are good at over 240 local businesses in Northern Michigan. Your fundraiser earns 50-70% of what you sell, with nothing to pre-buy, order, or deliver. There is no cash to keep track of, it is all done online by supporters with their credit cards.

People who support your fundraiser receive instant gratification and can start saving immediately at local businesses.

We hosted a fundraiser for a gymnastics school in Boyne City - they told us it was the easiest one they had ever done. The school raised twice as much as their most successful fundraiser ever. Now that is exciting!!

How does it work?

When you sign up, we create a fundraiser for you on 4 The Local (great for business fundraisers) or on 4 The Local Schools (for school programs like football, band, or soccer, or the entire school).

  • Your fundraisers (your students or organizers) each receive a unique code, this is to help track sales.
  • We set up your fundraiser and help determine an end date
  • You get started - your fundraisers sell our Digital ID's to their friends and families.
  • We show you a report of your progress and final sales.
  • We cut you a check for your portion, determined by how many ID's have been sold. See the breakdown below.

Get Started Today!

Host a Business Fundraiser

Contact us by sending an email and we'll work with you to easily get you started. Take the hassle out of fundraisers.

Host a School Fundraiser

Visit our sister site, 4 The Local Schools, for a fundraiser custom designed for your school program, or your entire school!

Good Samaritan Fundraiser

4 The Local teamed up with Real Estate One - Bellaire, Real Estate One - Elk Rapids, and Real Estate One of Charlevoix, and raised close to $12,000!

Tier Up Fundraiser Profits

 500 - 50/50
 501 - 1000 55/45
1001 - 2000 60/40
2001 - 5000 65/35
5001+ - 70/30

 500 sold @ $39 totals $19,500 - 50% equals $9,750
 750 sold @ $39 totals $29,250 - 55% equals $16,087.50
1500 sold @ $39 totals $58,500 - 60% equals $35,100
3000 sold @ $39 totals $117,000 - 65% equals $76,050
5500 sold @ $39 totals $214,500 - 70% equals $150,150

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Let Me Know When I Can Sign Up!

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